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By rpdchost on 4/5/2012 9:00 AM
Arrogance and hypocrisy were on full display Tuesday evening as Dane County Board of Supervisors Chair Scott McDonell gloated over what he boldly identified as a partisan win in what should have been non-partisan, issues-based elections.

McDonell declared election night that the Progressive tax-spend-borrow-tax-some-more mantra will continue in Dane County, even in the face of a staggering $240,000,000 debt (over $93,500 a day for 2012 debt load), a downgraded FITCH Bond rating, and an October 2011 “Outlook Negative” warning offered on the future for Dane taxpayers.

“This breaks the back of the Republican Party in Dane County,” McDonell boasted. It must have been a misquote.

The RPDC is the fastest growing Republican Party in the state. We have hundreds of young, strong backs. We have even stronger minds, and they all know that you can’t keep buying swampland, cutting services to the most vulnerable, laying off County Deputies in the face of the Heroin tsunami, or borrowing your way out of a recession as McDonell has done.